Personalized Student Safety Poster

In order to receive your personalized Student Safety Poster, please fill out the form below with your child’s details. Our team will craft a personalized poster that you can easily share with your child’s educators.

Why This Poster Can Make a Difference

  • Personalization: Tailor-made to feature the child’s name, photograph, and relevant health information, it ensures that teachers can quickly associate the essential details with the child’s identity.
  • Visibility: This poster should be strategically placed in appropriate classrooms, the office, the gym and other common school locations.  The poster will help familiarize school staff with the child’s condition, which can help lead to a rapid and accurate emergency response.
  • Educational Resources: Via the QR code and link on the poster, you can educate the school community on how to save a life, equipping everyone with critical lifesaving knowledge in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Guidance: Clear instructions on the poster provide a guide for immediate actions to be taken in an emergency, potentially saving precious time and lives.

Unsure of how to represent your child’s condition or don’t want us to create the poster? See the pdf file button below to view/print an example of our template. Feel free to use it as your own personal guide to advocate for your child’s safety and as well as the well-being of everyone in the school.


The Canadian SADS Foundation upholds the strictest privacy standards.  All information provided is treated with utmost confidentiality and is used solely to support the creation of your child’s “Student Safety Poster”.

School Safety Poster

Enter all relevant details into this form and we will create a custom "Student Safety Poster" for your child. Encourage your school to display this poster in the office, the gym, relevant classrooms and other pertinent areas within the school. While we provide these posters at no cost to families, creating them involves significant resources. Your generous donation can help us continue to offer these vital tools and ensure that every classroom can be equipped with the knowledge to protect our children with SADS conditions as well as the school community as a whole.

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